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Ready to Reveal: Stairwell

Did you enjoy visiting the last two downstairs rooms yesterday?

Today we will be heading up the stairs as we reveal the stairwell. I know, this is not an actual room…but this was the most time consuming paint job in the entire house and I would probably be in big trouble if I did not recognize the area that C.J. put a ton of effort into. The stairwell is the only area of the house that I requested help while painting (big thanks to my amazing husband and his bestie S). The stairwell was the last area of the house to contain carpet…and C.J. ripped it all out! He is the BEST!

We painted the stairwell in the light gray color that is in the nap cove, bathroom, and sunroom. This color is the “unifier” of the house, our “go to” color, our neutral because I loathe beige walls.

To add more interest to the downstairs area and to the stairwell I painted a pattern on one of the walls. Instead of completely replacing the in-need-of-love railing, I repaired and painted the railing and the hardware.

The only thing that might change in the near future is the light fixture…I want something with more pizazz, but the light that is there works fine and really isn’t that bad. I am just picky.

My favorite thing about the stairwell:  it looks clean and simple.


please excuse the horror-movie quality photo…

IMG_8367 (1)



Tomorrow we will visit the studio!

2 thoughts on “Ready to Reveal: Stairwell

  1. I am a lifetime fan of yours!!! A smart and beautiful way to give new life to a breathtaking property. I totally love the stairwell. The colors and love you put in your home are genius. I know you will enjoy many years of life and love with the arms of this awesome home wrapped around you. The house has welcomed you and you have proved it worthy.

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