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Ready to Reveal: Master Bedroom

Did you enjoy visiting the studio yesterday?

The master bedroom underwent some major changes-new flooring, new paint, and just a whole new identity. It seems like in all of our other homes the master bedroom has been an after thought. We are the only people ever in the room, so it never was a major concern in the design department. This time I promised myself that the master bedroom would have its own special identity; it would be just as great, if not better, than any other room in the house; it would be a room that we enjoy being in, even in the daytime.

I also wanted this room to be a unified design effort. C.J. gave me full license to do whatever I felt appropriate, but that didn’t stop me from asking him questions about everything.

He stayed patient though and offered plenty of advice.

A few things:

  1. It was difficult to decide how to paint the walls/ceiling because of the eaves creating the slant in the walls. Ultimately we chose to paint the ceiling white and the walls a different color. Before they were butter hello-the ceiling and the walls.
  2. The carpet coming out and new floor going in made all the difference!
  3. Instead of replacing the closet doors I painted them as an abstract painting and added some hardware. It made a huge difference in their appearance.

The master bedroom will be the last room of the reveal. There are two other rooms upstairs:  a bathroom which we haven’t renovated at all because we waiting until we can completely overhaul it and a bedroom which is C.J.’s office. With his law school and website design workload the office is a fairly busy room right now, so it won’t be revealed at this time. We painted it, put in new flooring, and hung up some very intense black out curtains.

Now…back to the current (and last) reveal…













Thank you for joining us for our house reveal! Your comments throughout the reveal have been appreciated and treasured!

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