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Where Has the Time Gone?

Today as I am listening to the rain outside while I enjoy my first cup of coffee since April. Coincidentally it has been that long since my last blog post as well. Maybe coffee fuels this blog, maybe it was something else…

It is no longer a secret to our friends and family, but I will soon be able to blog about a new type of life- the mom life. Yes, you read that right, there will be a new member of the Cavin family soon enough.


Between the end of the school year and intensity of my first trimester, life seemed to get put on auto pilot, and the blog just didn’t make the cut.

So, I am hoping to get back into the blog with recipes, my thoughts on growing a human, and, of course, nursery updates. Stay tuned…I promise I will update you before four months have passed.

Until next time,

-Mrs. Cavin

One thought on “Where Has the Time Gone?

  1. So excited and looking forward to your thoughts and feelings !! I think you and CJ are going to be Great Parents !!!💖

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