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Ready to Reveal: Nursery

I realized the other day that I have not shared any photos of the finished nursery. So, while I am anxiously awaiting to meet our little girl , I thought I could go ahead and reveal the nursery.

Almost as soon as we found out about our pregnancy, C.J. and I started cleaning out the studio. He was super helpful-I didn’t have to do any of the heavy work.

Once the studio was cleaned out, C.J. gave the floor a fresh new coat of white paint. That was all of the room painting that we did. I wanted to keep the room as bright as possible, so the clean and simple white paint with the one accent wall of gray and white stripes worked perfectly.

Over the course of a few weeks I stressed about what theme we would use in our baby’s room. I knew that I didn’t want any copyrighted characters-I desperately want to shield her from pre-thought-out ideas for as long as possible.

I want her to use her imagination and come up with her own characters and ideas.

So…we started with one of my favorite elements:  patterns. Then we added bright colors, and eventually the theme of the nursery turned into the broad theme of “imagination”.

I am so pleased with this room and I can’t wait for its new occupant.

Ready for some photos? Excuse the lack of “before” photos, if you would like to see what the room looked like prior to becoming the nursery, please see the Ready to Reveal: Studio post.

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