The Monthly Ollie: Volume 4

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Ollie’s fourth month has been a month of laughter.

We finally got Ollie to laugh this month! To say that we have been impatiently waiting for her first giggles is a drastic understatement. And, as one can imagine, once we heard her first laugh we have done everything we can think of to recreate this beautiful sound as often as possible. It irritates her, but isn’t that what parents are for?

You can read about Ollie’s third month here.

We go to Ollie’s 4 month appointment on Monday, and I am excited to see how much she has grown and what growth percentiles she is in.

Month 4 Ollie Facts 

She LOVES playing with her feet.

She is taking two long naps a day.

She really loves to stay on her very strict schedule.

She prefers to sit up or play in her bouncer.

She can stand up with support for long periods of time.

She has started to be very interested in her toys, specifically rattles.

She hates getting in/out of her carseat, but loves riding in the car or stroller.

She has been sleeping from 7 PM to 7 AM each night.

She stares intently at water bottles and food.

She is starting to love being outside.

She can soothe herself to sleep.

She is teething a bit.

She smiles instantly when she spots mom or dad.

She is getting too big for bath time in the kitchen sink.

She LOVES Saturday mornings with her daddy.

Month 4 Mom & Dad Stuff 

We can’t believe we have a 4 month old!

We are constantly trying to make her laugh.

We enjoy that she is a great sleeper.

We can’t wait until she learns to sit up by herself.

We are still not sorry for becoming the parents who flood newsfeeds with pictures of their baby..

We love hearing her chatter when she wakes up.

We crave time with just the three of us.

We are doing a whole lot of snuggling these days.

We are THANKFUL for all of the encouragement, prayers, assistance, and visits from our wonderful friends and family over the last month.

It has been a great month for Ollie and a great month at the Cavin house. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can follow our adventures regularly by looking for #olliejujubee.

Until next time,

Mrs. Cavin

For those of you not on social media, here are some photos from Month 4 of Ollie.


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