The Monthly Ollie: Volume 5

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Ollie’s fifth month has been a month of traveling.

We have been on the road a lot this month! From visiting family for Pioneer Days in the Panhandle to going to see the retired circus elephants in Hugo, Oklahoma, Ollie has been all over this great state. She has successfully (and happily) attended political events, parades, cookouts with friends, and birthday parties. Thanks to our many road trips we have become professionals at traveling together. Ollie is a fantastic traveler, usually sleeping while in the car and almost always giving mom and dad a very tricky diaper to change in the car. We are incredibly grateful for a travel happy baby, but we do treasure the days where no one has to be confined to a car seat for too long.

You can read about Ollie’s fourth month here.

We went to Ollie’s 4 month appointment on May 1, and she was right on track for her age weighing in at 15 lbs.

Month 5 Ollie Facts 

She LOVES playing with her feet, Bullet blanket, and webbed ball.

She is still taking two long naps a day.

She gets grumpy if we don’t stick to a schedule.

She has officially rolled from back to tummy!

She had her first play date with a new friend a month older than her.

She is working on building those core muscles for sitting up on her own.

She likes to “stand up” on her own while using the back of the couch for support.

She enjoys getting to hang out in the church nursery.

She has fantastic hand eye coordination…and everything eventually gets put in her mouth.

She HATES getting hot and sweaty (pray for us this summer-this girl does NOT handle the heat or humidity well).

She has been sleeping from 7 PM to 6 AM each night.

She desperately wants to eat “solid” food…1 more month!

She is fascinated by new places, sights, and sounds, and loves running errands with mom.

She loves being outside, in the shade on a cool day.

She soothes herself to sleep.

She loves to play Peek-a-Boo and usually manipulates the blanket on her own.

She smiles instantly when she spots mom or dad, especially dad.

She loves taking baths in the actual bath tub without any baby bath gadgets.

She has a blast spending Saturday mornings with her daddy.

Month 5 Mom & Dad Stuff 

We can’t believe we are one month away from celebrating Ollie’s half birthday!

We are constantly trying to make her laugh and/or smile.

We enjoy that she is so interactive these days.

We can’t wait she can start trying solid foods.

We are so ready for her to sit up on her own!

We are still not sorry for becoming the parents who flood newsfeeds with pictures of their baby..

We love hearing her chatter when she wakes up or is playing by herself.

We love time with just the three of us.

We are excited to continue to plan adventures with this giggly baby.

We are THANKFUL for all of the encouragement, prayers, assistance, and visits from our wonderful friends and family over the last month.

It has been a great month for Ollie and a great month at the Cavin house. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can follow our adventures regularly by looking for #olliejujubee.

Until next time,

Mrs. Cavin

For those of you not on social media, here are some photos from Month 5 of Ollie.

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