Kitchen Challenge


May was crazy busy for our family, so the meal plan did not happen. Let me tell you, I wish I would have gone ahead and made the monthly meal plan though – it just makes things so much EASIER. We ate a lot of breakfast meals and odd combinations because I didn’t have an exact plan each week. Lesson learned.

With that being said, I made two June meal plans early on and let C.J. decide on which one we would use. The challenge this month will be that C.J. chose the Whole30 meal plan. It will be healthy and an opportunity for the two of us to do a “reset” with our diet.

The menu is very meat heavy, and I am looking forward to being able to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into our everyday diet. The challenge for me will be not being able to bake yummy desserts and, of course, the absence of dairy and grains. Cheese? Pasta? French Toast? Chocolate Mouse Cake (which I conquered the other day and will post soon!)?

The struggle will be real for me, but we have cleaned out the cabinets, freezer, and fridge so that there will be little room for temptation while at home.

Oh…and black coffee…that will take some getting used to.

We can do it and I am looking forward to being able to persevere with C.J. by my side.

I will be posting the recipes as a way to keep things fun and to keep myself accountable.

Here’s to hoping we can stick it out! Who knows, maybe we will end up taking on a paleo type diet after our June adventure.

Now to enjoy some sugary baked goodness before we start our challenge tomorrow.

-Mrs. Cavin


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