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Ready to Reveal: Front Porch

This summer we have decided to start tackling the exterior of the house. We love the interior and spend so much time inside, but now, especially with Ollie, we are ready to get outside and make it our own.

We started somewhat unexpectedly with the roof – due to some circumstances beyond our control it needed a complete replacement, so that kicked off the exterior renovation. We opted for a black roof with black fixtures and, let me tell you, I love it. I never thought I would use the word gorgeous in reference to a roof, but I have now done so.

The color of the roof was picked with the future trim color in mind – we will keep that in the secret vault though for the next reveal.

Ready to see the transformed front porch? Yes.

Here are a few views of the porch in a flashback photo from when we first purchased our home. It is a big wrap around porch…fantastic in so many ways, but it was desperate for some personal touches…

New porch furniture, some light curtains, and, of course, lots of greenery really started the change on the front porch. It went from blah to completely cozy and inviting. Ollie and I spend so much time on the porch now.

As far as “updates” I didn’t have to do a lot. We will eventually be replacing siding and painting trim and such…but that is a bigger project than I can tackle during nap time. For this reveal I spray painted the two fans and the two lantern type light fixtures with a black “hammered metal” spray paint. This way we saved money by not purchasing new fixtures, but have something to “tide us over” before we make more permanent changes. I was actually very surprised with how great the fans turned out.

However – disassembling and reassembling the fans (x2) was a beast of a job.

I grabbed inspiration from the new sign we ordered from The Grey Magnolia , Georgia O’keeffe’s habit of collecting and displaying rocks, and fun succulents. 

Check out the gallery below to see the porch transformation, we will be lounging under the fan enjoying all the cozy and comfy outside feels.

Until next time,

-Mrs. Cavin

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