The Monthly Ollie: Volume 6

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Ollie’s sixth month has been a month of growing.

Ollie has officially made it to her first half birthday! She is growing and developing new skills so quickly that it is sometimes hard to keep up. I expect her to be on the move very soon. From her hair to her toes Ollie has changed quite a bit this last month. She has mastered rolling over and has just about mastered sitting up without support…and both of those skills happened in the same week!

Ollie is a happy, thriving, amazing little 6 month old. We definitely are extremely blessed parents.

You can read about Ollie’s fifth month here.

We go to Ollie’s 6 month appointment on July 3rd and can’t wait to get her new measurements.

Month 6 Ollie Facts 

She LOVES playing with her Ellie elephant, Bullet blanket, and crocheted octopus.

She is still taking two long naps a day.

She gets grumpy if we don’t stick to a schedule.

She is constantly rolling over, especially when it is bedtime.

She loves hanging out on the porch….under the fan…in the shade.

She is pretty good at sitting up without any support, when she remembers to not pooch out her belly.

She likes to “stand up” on her own, she loves her independence.

She talks to anyone who will attempt to carry on a conversation.

She must be teething because EVERYTHING gets gnawed on.

She really HATES getting hot and sweaty.

She has been sleeping from 7 PM to 6 AM each night, although the extra daylight is throwing her off a little bit.

She desperately wants to eat “solid” food…5 days until our doctor appointment!

She is always a super great errand buddy with mom.

She doesn’t really know what to think about her water bottle.

She soothes herself to sleep.

She enjoys hanging out in her high chair and helping mom in the kitchen.

She has a bit of an attitude, but it only makes her more lovable.

She smiles instantly when she sees or hears mom or dad.

She is very ticklish.

She has grown out of 6-9 month clothes.

She has really started taking an interest in the objects around her.

Month 6 Mom & Dad Stuff 

We can’t believe we are the parents of a 6 month old!

We are constantly trying to carry on a conversation with her.

We enjoy that she loves to play.

We are almost as excited as she is to start “solid” foods.

We sometimes wonder when our baby turned into a screeching pterodactyl.

We never get tired of hearing Ollie’s giggles.

We love that she can roll over, but it is causing a bit of anxiety at bedtime!

We are still not sorry for becoming the parents who flood newsfeeds with pictures of their baby…

We love hearing her chatter when she wakes up or is playing by herself.

We are in awe of how rapidly her personality is developing.

We love time with just the three of us.

We are excited to watch our baby grow and develop into a more independent and spunky little being.

We are THANKFUL for all of the encouragement, prayers, assistance, and visits from our wonderful friends and family over the last month.

It has been a great month for Ollie and a great month at the Cavin house. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can follow our adventures regularly by looking for #olliejujubee.

Until next time,

Mrs. Cavin

For those of you not on social media, here are some photos from Month 6 of Ollie.

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