The Monthly Ollie: Volume 7

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Ollie’s seventh month has been a month of trying new things.

This month has been full of new adventures. The biggest new event in our life is that Ollie is eating (actual) food! She loves most of it and dramatically lets us know what she doesn’t enjoy. Other new adventures include Ollie’s first stay at Spontaneity Kid Care, watercolor painting, and sitting in the front of the cart while grocery shopping. She is growing very quickly and we expect that she will be on the move soon!

Ollie is a busy, funny, and sassy little 7 month old. We are extremely blessed parents.

You can read about Ollie’s sixth month here.

Month 7 Ollie Facts 

She LOVES playing with her new Juballees balls.

She is taking one long nap and one short nap a day.

She gets grumpy if we don’t stick to a schedule.

She can get wherever she needs to be by rolling.

She is NOT a fan of the summer heat and humidity.

She is able to sit up on her own without much worry of falling over.

She loves her independence.

She is always “talking” and squealing to anyone who will listen…and sometimes to herself.

She enjoys ice “popsicles”.

She really HATES being even a little bit hungry.

She has been sleeping from 7 PM to 6 AM each night.

She desperately wants to crawl and tries very hard!

She still enjoys shopping and is learning to sit in the front of the cart…we miss using our BinxyBaby though!

She likes to use her straw cup.

She had a blast visiting Spontaneity for an hour. (Hallelujah!)

She soothes herself to sleep.

She has started to enjoy playing with blocks…mostly chewing on them and knocking down towers other people build.

She has a lot of attitude, but it only makes her more lovable.

She smiles instantly when she sees or hears mom or dad.

She is very ticklish.

She is wearing 9-12 month clothes.

She has to fall asleep with BOTH her Bullet Blanket and her Olivia the Pig doll.

She has started eating foods: 

HATES Avocado

LOVES Banana

LOVES Peanut Butter

HATES Peaches


LOVES Blueberries

LIKES Cantaloupe

LOVES Sweet Potatoes


LIKES Broccoli


HATES Watermelon

Month 7  Mom & Dad Stuff 

We can’t wrap our minds around being the parents of a seven month old!

We enjoy talking with her.

We love introducing her to activities we enjoy (She started painting with Mommy).

We love sitting on the floor and playing with her and her toys.

We are excited to introduce new foods to her.

We enjoy parenting a screeching pterodactyl.

We never get tired of seeing her smile.

We love that she rolls wherever she needs to go, but makes us anxious sometimes.

We are still not sorry for becoming the parents who flood newsfeeds with pictures of their baby…

We love trying to help her crawl (Daddy has started “Daddy Crawl Camp” in the evenings).

We are always learning more about her personality.

We love time with just the three of us.

We are excited to watch our baby grow and develop into a more independent and sassy little being.

We are THANKFUL for all of the encouragement, prayers, assistance, and visits from our wonderful friends and family over the last month.

It has been a great month for Ollie and a great month at the Cavin house. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can follow our adventures regularly by looking for #olliejujubee.

Until next time,

Mrs. Cavin

For those of you not on social media, here are some photos from Month 7 of Ollie.

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