The Monthly Ollie: Volume 12

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Ollie’s twelfth month has been a month of celebration.

This month was full of fun family experiences, holidays, and all of the excitement associated with this time of year. As soon as Thanksgiving ended the wheels set into motion for Christmas and Ollie’s First Birthday! In the midst of all the party planning we have experienced some more teething, tried lots of new foods, recovered from our very first illness (ear infection), and chattered ALL THE TIME. Ollie is so close to walking, but her inherited personality trait of being cautious seems to be slowing her down a bit. We know she will be running around in the not so distant future. Until then….we are relishing being able to hold her hand while practicing her walking skills.

Ollie is a fierce, smart, and very talkative 12 month old. We are extremely blessed parents.

You can read about Ollie’s eleventh month here.

Month 12 Ollie Facts 

She prefers her board books over any other toys.

She is taking a long morning afternoon nap and sometimes skipping her afternoon nap.

She is crawling on her toes now, but also walking when she has something to hold on to.

She can locate all of her toys and will go to them when mentioned.

She loves going shopping, especially to Target and Hobby Lobby.

She treasures her independence and time to herself.

She will carry on the silliest of conversations with anyone who will listen.

She will mimic almost everything she hears and sometimes it sounds like the word.

She goes to bed around 7 PM and wakes up around 7AM.

She is pretty much over all of her separation anxiety, especially if she has her Bullet Blanket.

She thoroughly enjoys watching the Boss Baby movie.

She loves visiting the church nursery and Spontaneity to play with other kids.

She carries her Bullet blanket everywhere.

She loves unpacking the cabinet where the coffee pot is kept.

She loves her coffee mug that she gets when mom has her coffee.

She can climb on the couch with help of some pillows.

She looks for dad as soon as she wakes up.

She loves people watching.

She is officially released to eat any food…tried cheese and loved it.

She is very ticklish.

She very much enjoyed her birthday donut.

She had a lot of fun visiting the Panhandle for Christmas.

She received three bouncy animals for Christmas – a cow, a horse, and a llama.

She will sometimes snuggle with mom and dad. Yay!

She still loves bath time.

She is getting to celebrate her first birthday tomorrow!

Favorite Food:  Chicken Nuggets or Breakfast Sausage

Second favorite:  Blueberries and Bananas

Month 12 Mom & Dad Stuff 

We are amazed that we have a one year old!

We love talking with with her.

We love watching her play independently and figure out how things work.

We are excited that she is on the verge of walking.

We love that we can all eat the same foods.

We enjoy listening to all of the silly sounds Ollie makes.

We will never get tired of seeing her smile.

We had so much fun taking her out for her first birthday donut in her donut pajamas.

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas with her and can’t wait until next year!

We are still not sorry for becoming the parents who flood newsfeeds with pictures of their baby…

We love that we can take her pretty much anywhere and know she will behave.

We are in shock, but love that she has started wanting to cuddle.

We really hate tantrums…but are working on teaching Ollie patience and manners.

We are always learning more about her personality.

We love time with just the three of us.

We can’t wait to celebrate her birthday!

We are excited to watch our baby grow and develop into a more curious and intelligent little being.

We are THANKFUL for all of the encouragement, prayers, assistance, and visits from our wonderful friends and family over the last month.

It has been a great month for Ollie and a great month at the Cavin house. If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can follow our adventures regularly by looking for #olliejujubee.

Until next time,

Mrs. Cavin

For those of you not on social media, here are some photos from Month 12 of Ollie.


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