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Ready to Reveal (Again): Downstairs Bathroom

It has been far too long since I had a home renovation post, and I am incredibly excited to share this one with you.

The downstairs bathroom was one of the first rooms we lightly renovated when we moved in. I remember how long it took to paint all of the wood paneling and how quickly it sucked up each coat of paint. I was ready to quit about halfway through the project. However, I did not and we ended up with a room we enjoyed.

A few months ago, C.J. was away for an extended weekend and I decided I was going to completely change the bathroom design. So…I did it.

Thankfully due to the hard work I put in the first time around, everything just needed one coat of paint this time. It was a much easier job this time around.

I did something a bit risky and have an idea still do complete for something even more out of the ordinary…but it worked out. This bathroom is one to relax in!

Now onto the part we really care about…pictures!

In the very beginning…


After that…


And Currently…


The new design is more of our style and I am so thrilled to have taken the chance on the black ceiling. It is my favorite part of the room! The rest of the room is white and is incredibly easy to clean while still looking fresh. This is perfect with Ollie around. I even figured out how to get the vintage light fixture to work again!



It is definitely a space we love! Until the next renovation…

-Mrs. Cavin


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