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Helpful Hint-Wine

The scene: You are at one of your favorite restaurants and decide you want some wine to go with your favorite dish, but you don’t know what type of wine to get.


I found this helpful chart a while back and I think it is pretty great. There is nothing I hate more than being dressed up at a nice restaurant and being intimidated by their novel of a wine list. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I have taken a semester long wine tasting class…and that is nowhere near the amount of time you need to really learn about wine. I still get intimidated. It is all about trying new things. You will figure out what you like.

A few things to remember when making that wine purchase:

1. If it is any color other than white, red, or rose…it is NOT wine.
2. If it is not made out of grapes…it is NOT wine.
3. If it is grown beside a highway…it is NOT good wine.

If you want to drink blue watermelon flavored alcohol, by all means…do so. Just don’t call it wine. Why does it matter where the grapes grow? Grapes pick up what they growing beside. If the vines are growing near a citrus orchard the wine is going to have notes of citrus in it, likewise, if the vineyard is 50 feet from a highway the wine is going to have notes of whatever is on that highway. Gross.

When it comes to wine…try new things, ask for help, don’t be intimated, and remember…you are not expected to like everything.

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