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Vendor Review: OneDay Pictures


When we first decided to elope we knew we wanted a videographer. If we were going to elope we were going to actually elope, no one there-just the two of us.

Since we would not be inviting anyone, we wanted to record the ceremony so that we could show it to our family and friends. I found OneDay Pictures through a wedding website. These websites are somewhat helpful in pointing out great vendors in specific areas.

Since I had no idea of what videographers were good in the San Francisco area, I was relying on internet reviews to find the perfect one. When I discovered OneDay Pictures I was pleasantly surprised to find only good reviews. ONLY GOOD REVIEWS. I could not believe my eyes because I could not find a bad review on any site. I immediately checked out the website.

Now, living with an in-house web designer has made me somewhat of a website “Snob”. One Day Pictures website passed the “C.J. test” with flying colors. (meaning…he did not want to offer to re-do it for them)

I am almost embarrassed to say that I watched almost all of the videos posted on the website. They were all so good.

One thing that I really liked about OneDay Pictures was that they included the vows in the sound of the video-other places just sat a camera in one place and then edited sound over the entire thing. Call me crazy, but I think that C.J. and I could have managed that. We wanted something special, something that we needed to hire someone to do, and someone who would “wow” us.

Carmen, with OneDay Pictures, did just that. She was fantastic from the very beginning of our correspondence. We only communicated through email, but I could tell that she was polite, caring, and that she would do a great job for us. She asks you little details like:

“Where did you meet?”

“What is his personality?”

“What do you do for fun?”

These questions might seem irrelevant at the moment, but it is just part of the experience. Carmen cares so much about each of her clients that she wants to give them a personalized experience. She is amazing.

When we finally met at San Francisco City Hall the day of our elopement, it was no surprise that she was one of the nicest people that I have ever encountered. She was so cheerful and friendly, but still serious about getting the video done…and done right. Her assistant Andy was fantastic as well!

You can find our video on this previous blog post. 

I don’t know if I will ever be in need of a videographer again, but if I am, I will immediately think go Carmen at OneDay Pictures.

OneDay Pictures: 




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