Recently, C.J. and I went to the OKC Zoo. We have been here a few times together before, but this time we were here for a reason. We needed to see the zoo’s newest member, a baby rhino.

Let me tell you right now, he was the CUTEST.

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We didn’t tour the whole zoo this time around, but we did hit our favorite sections. We saw the birds which are C.J.’s favorite.

We went to the aquarium.



We saw the gorillas. C.J. had gone to see the new Planet of the Apes movie the night before, so this was a must see for him.



We ended our trip by going to the herpetarium so that C.J. could see the reptiles.



Everytime we are at a zoo I always manage to get C.J. to take some pictures with some of the statues. I love that he is always excited and willing to do this because I am not. He always has the funniest poses and expressions for the photo.

I am sure we will continue this zoo tradition. It will be fun to look back on all of the statue pictures in the future.

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