Phillip Phillips Concert

A couple weeks ago C.J. and I went to a Phillip Phillips concert in Norman. It had been a while since I had been to a concert and we had never been to a concert together.

Creating “firsts” together is one of the best things in a relationship.


I heard about the concert on the radio during one of my commutes and we decided that it might be fun. The main reason we chose Phillip Phillips as our first concert together?

He sings the song that we chose out wedding video to be set to…our song.


The date night started out a little rough, it seemed like everything was trying to stop us from attending the concert.

Wrecks and roadblocks on pretty much every road I needed to get home turned my commute from south OKC from a 30 minute drive to an hour and a half. I got home and we jumped right back in the car to head to Norman.

We encountered some traffic on the way, but C.J. is a much better driver and is very skilled at cutting down driving times…so we made it to Norman with time for dinner and everything.

We went to Victoria’s Pasta Shop. It was some of the best pasta that I have EVER had. I ordered the blacked linguine with crab and a lemon garlic butter sauce.

Yum times a million.

We rushed and rushed fearing that we might be late to the concert. Once again we made it just in time to the venue…but they were charging for parking, and we had no cash.

I promise you….it seemed like everything was against us.

We took the advice from the parking attendant and went to the gas station down the street. The ATM was out of cash.

We drove down to a second gas station and finally got some cash for parking.

We made it just in time for the opening act. I don’t remember who it was…they weren’t awful.


C.J. got us fantastic seats and the music was wonderful. We didn’t know a ton of his songs…we probably should have prepared better during the days leading up to the concert, but we had a wonderful time together.

Some of the people around us were extreme fans…dancing and singing with all of the songs.



Even with all of the obstacles that tried to kill our date night, we had a wonderful time together. It was nice to somewhat escape our busy schedules and be reminded that we still have so many “firsts” to create together.

This particular date night reminded me that the wonderful man that I call my husband is patient and fun even under stress and frustration. He made sure that our evening was memorable and enjoyable. He is absolutely fantastic.



Gone, Gone, Gone (“Our Song”)

Home (one of our favorites)

Raging Fire  (a new favorite)


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