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Vendor Review: Fish City Grill

Disclaimer:  I was not asked or paid to review Fish City Grill. 

Have you ever been to a restaurant and gotten a tip to go to another restaurant?

That is how C.J. and I discovered Fish City Grill. A waitress at a different restaurant was recommending it to her customers.


Longs story short C.J. and I ended up loving Fish City Grill. It is semi-quiet, not too dark-not too bright, and the food is outstanding.

Lets start off with the….starters. Last time we visited Fish City we sampled the appetizers. They brought out soups and some of their oyster nachos. The oyster nachos are guaranteed (on their menu) to be delicious. That is confidence.

The nachos were fantastic.

Our favorite “go-to” appetizer at most restaurants is the fried calamari. This is something that C.J. introduced into my life, but I am not complaining.

Fish City’s calamari is probably some of my favorite. The batter is light, but still covers the whole piece of squid. They also serve a fairly equal balance of rings and tentacle looking pieces…C.J. prefers the rings and I prefer the other, so it works out.


The calamari also comes with two wonderful sauce options:  and olive aioli and a Thai chili sauce. I still haven’t decided which is my favorite.


As far as entrees go, I am sure you can’t go wrong. We have had the crab boil and C.J. has enjoyed the scallops and some of the other seafood options. My favorite menu item is actually on the specials list (but…it is ALWAYS one of the specials). It is a delicious Andouille sausage mac and cheese.

I know…complete “fatty” favorite…but it is delicious and I don’t care.


We haven’t been hungry enough to try any desserts yet, but I am sure that they are just as fantastic as the rest of the menu.

It is a chain, so even if you don’t live in Edmond you might be able to find a Fish City near you. And…for a chain restaurant it is pretty fabulous.

Fish City Grill 



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