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Vendor Review: Pie Junkie

After a really long and stressful day dealing with a certain government agency, I came home extremely upset. C.J. noticed right away and after we talked about things he told me to get in the car for a surprise.

I wasn’t sure where we were going, but he is fantastic at surprises and at cheering me up. We ended up in the Plaza District. I wondered if we were stopping at The Mule for grilled cheese, but we parked right in front of Pie Junkie.

I had been wanting to try this place for such a long time. We were slightly overwhelmed with all of the yummy pie options in the glass display case. Luckily, our decision was made a bit easier when the owner walked up and offered us some discounted pie leftover from an event she had just finished up. Why not?

I had “Drunken Turtle” and C.J. had Strawberry Rhubarb. They were both delicious.


The next day after I had been back to the before mentioned government agency to wrap some things up, C.J. took me back to Pie Junkie. Two days in a row? I definitely did not deserve this!

He really is the absolute best.

This time I ordered the Peach and Blueberry Crumble and he had a Parmesan, Bacon, Corn, and Pepper Quiche.

This pie was fantastic! I can’t wait to go back and try all of the different kinds of pie. C.J. is also hooked. He doesn’t care for super sweet pies, but he does like some fruit pies and he LOVES savory pies…so we are definitely in luck when we go to Pie Junkie.

I highly recommend Pie Junkie to anyone who is in the OKC area. The Plaza District is such a fun environment and you can’t beat doing business with a local company who uses local ingredients.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for the surprise, and thank you Pie Junkie for being the surprise!



Pie Junkie






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