House Tour: Guest Bedroom

It seems like we were always hosting overnight guests when we lived in Stillwater, so we were delighted that we would be able to have an actual guest room at our new house.

It isn’t super fancy, but we have tried to make it comfortable and fun. In a last minute decision, I decided that the portion of my series, Collection of Recollections, that is not being shown anywhere could live in the guest bedroom. This solved two problems:

1. Cohesive artwork for the guest bedroom.

2. A storage place other than my studio while the pieces are in between shows or waiting to be sold.

Ready for the tour?

The natural light in the guest bedroom is not the best in the house, but it does stay shaded and cool during the summer. That is a nice trade off for beautiful natural light.

This is the view if you were to walk into the bedroom.




The back of the room.



A Pinterest idea:  Fill a vase with hotel toiletries for your guests to use.

We typically throw the mini shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and soaps into our suitcase when we leave a hotel, so this is a perfect way to display them. I think that there are even some bath salts in there.






Hope you enjoyed the tour! We are hoping our future overnight guests will enjoy the room.

Next stop on the tour? Master Bedroom.

2 thoughts on “House Tour: Guest Bedroom

  1. I love everything you are doing Angel…. Looks great !!! I love your artwork in the guest room… Some of my favorites !!! Makes the room… So glad you and CJ are so happy…. Love you’ll !!! NeeNee

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