Vendor Reviews

OKC Remodeling Expo

A few weeks ago C.J. brought home some tickets to the OKC Remodeling Expo. We were excited about it. Yes, that is a little nerdy, but hey, what better way to spend the 1 year anniversary of being homeowners?

We went this last Saturday, ready to collect pamphlets, possibly make some appointments, and maybe leave with tired feet.


We had tickets, but did not need them. No one was taking tickets. The tickets were more like mini-flyers for the event. Oh well! We were still excited to meet the vendors. After walking through the doors of the expo we were sadly underwhelmed with the lack of vendors. I suppose that was expecting a packed room with vendors and visitors, instead there was lots of walking room and empty space. Still looking forward to the event we picked our first vendor and planned our path accordingly.

C.J. was searching for bathroom remodelers and we did find a few of them, so that was good. There were a few contractors and a few different landscaping vendors. There were “remodeling-adjacent” vendors such as mattress businesses, appliance salesmen, knife vendors…etc. Then there were vendors that made us question their relationship to remodeling:  chiropractors, a gun range, a car dealership, pre-packaged soups, and a few others who were similarly NOT related to remodeling in ANY way.

We were in and out of the expo in about 20 minutes, only because C.J. ran into a coworker and we had a 5 minute conversation. The expo wasn’t bad and it was definitely a fun outing with my amazing husband, but I would describe the actual event as underwhelming.

A great idea, but without the proper vendor turnout, I don’t see us returning to this event year after year.


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