You Are Not a Yellow Starburst

Hey! Hope everyone is doing well-I apologize for the lapse in blog posts lately. Just like everyone else in the world, I have a lot going on.

481952cb4370430fb0d1c6ee1fa83fe6Today, I wanted to post about being “worth it”, because despite what you may or may not think-you are worth it. You are not a yellow starburst.

Various situations and people in life often leave us completely drained. I know that I am a giver, I love to give and give and give. I don’t often say no when asked to help out and I usually find myself overwhelmed with favors and not a lot of people ever offering to help me out…because as a giver and a slight “control freak” I would never dare ask for help. When I do ask for help and get help, I make it my mission to pay back the “debt” I have made. Its ridiculous logic, but that is how it is.

It may happen at other times, but specifically when you are completely drained you start questioning things. If one of those things is “am I worth it”? Stop and know that you are. That is most definitely easier said than actually done.

35ba544015d039f661fada1f2189e61bSome people grow up with the knowledge and confidence that they are out of this world wonderful, these people have parents who think they hung the moon.

Other people have to work to convince themselves that they are out of this world wonderful, and that is quite the process. These people have doubts, they think they are the yellow starburst. When they start to think they are the pink starburst, something happens (little or big) and they are right back at being a yellow. It’s a process, but it is possible for these people to be more like the other people who hung the moon.

So, if there is anyone reading this who wonders if they will ever think of themselves as a pink starburst…know that you ARE worth it. You are amazing and wonderful.

There is someone out there that thinks you are absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous. Someone who truly wants to spend time with you, not because they need you to do something for them, but because they adore you. There is someone out there who wants to surprise you because they love seeing the joyous reaction it creates within you. There is someone who wants to treasure you as if there is no tomorrow. Someone who is willing to make you laugh, make you safe, and willing to do everything in their power to never let you doubt yourself again. There is someone who is willing to commit themselves to making you feel wanted, loved, and worth it-no matter how busy they are. Someone who is willing to make you a priority.

How cool is it that the same God who created the mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought that the world needed one of you too?







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