Well, other than officially being a terrible blogger for being absent for months and months…things are good.

School is officially out for winter break and other than feeling like I am playing some sort of weird waiting game, I am excited for a little bit of time to relax before our daughter arrives.

People keep asking if I am ready.

Of course the polite answer is to say something concise and positive, but in my mind I am wondering how do I am know if I am ready? 

So I go through the list I have been creating in my head for the last 8 1/2 months:

The nursery is complete…it has been for months now.

Other than stocking up on a few household items…we have everything we think we need and more. I will go to the store tomorrow and finish stock piling our pantry.

The semester is over, I have a long term sub lined up, lesson plans are laid out, jobs have been delegated…as far as work is concerned I am covered.

C.J. is currently taking his last law school final of the semester, so as far as scheduling, our calendars are without conflict.

We have read books, countless blogs/articles…so maybe we are ready in that sense.

Classes also have prepared us for a few things (and scared us about a few other things).

Our doctor has assured us that everything is on track and good…so we have nothing to really worry about.

The carseat is in the car along with the bags, and I have a plan for hospital…while also trying to be flexible.

So as far as the list is concerned, we are ready.


All technicalities aside, I actually do think that I am ready…and also terrified, but still ready.

C.J. is amazing-he has been ready since I told him about being pregnant. He has shown tremendous love, support, and stability throughout the whole process. I have no idea what I would do without him, and I am confident that I  am partnered with the best person to raise our daughter.

I definitely do not have all the information or all the insights on pregnancy, but I know what I have experienced. For all of the symptoms and minor annoyances, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is crazy to know that she is worth everything when I haven’t even met her yet. There are a lot of not-as-positive aspects of pregnancy that I am ready to go away like the feeling huge and, of course, the being sick all the time. But as much as I don’t like those things I have enjoyed this chapter of my life. Being able to grow a human being is an experience like no other. I am going to miss feeling her move around inside me, hearing her heartbeat on the doppler, seeing how much C.J. already loves her, and just the general joy that overcomes me when I glance down at my always-growing bump.

But I am so ready to hold her in my arms, to see her without an ultrasound wand, to watch my amazing husband be an even more amazing dad, and to know all the hardships and joys that come from being Ollie’s mom. The last year and a half have been consumed with trying to get pregnant and being pregnant, and I can’t wait to start my new role as mom. The waiting game is almost over.


I am not going to promise any blog posts any time soon, but we will try to keep our family and friends as up to date as possible with our new amazing adventure.

Two more weeks according to the due date on the calendar…send us all the positive thoughts you can.


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