Back to the Kitchen

Now that Ollie and I have mastered our daily groove, I am so ready to get back in the kitchen! Living in a small town we don’t have a lot of take out options and once Ollie is in bed for the evening there really isn’t any going out to grab dinner.

C.J. has always been more than happy to pick up something on his way home from work, but even the best take out is only so enjoyable after a 30 minute car ride. So…to say that I am hungry for some hot, freshly cooked meals is an understatement.

While pregnant, I was so nauseous that cooking was the LAST thing I wanted to do after teaching all day and I have always found it difficult to stick to a meal plan when C.J. has class two nights a week.

However, I am ready and organized to conquer a month of cooking at home. There is wiggle room for some meals out (can’t forget a date night or two), but the majority of  our meals will be at home.

I will be posting the recipes as a way to keep things fun and to keep myself accountable.

Here’s to hoping this goes well!

-Mrs. Cavin

A few things to note about the April Meal Plan:

Sundays:  Crock Pot Recipes (with the exception of 4/2)

Friday dinners:  Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast “theme”:  Biscotti (one variety a week)


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