Spring Break Wrap-Up

Today was the last “official” day of spring break. I am extremely blessed to be working for a school district that gives its students and teachers a two week spring break. It has been quite nice.

It seems like every time I have a break from school C.J. and I plan something major and time consuming (wisdom teeth extraction-fall break, moving-Christmas break)…and that was not the case for spring break. It was quite nice.

I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish during break and C.J. picked six priorities from that list for me to work on. The list was mainly comprised of things to fix and do around the house.

My spring break started the Friday evening that school got out. As I wrote about in a previous post , my painting, Couple, was accepted into Momentum OKC. Friday night was the opening night. C.J. was out of town, but my wonderful sister gladly accepted my invitation.


We had so much fun walking around seeing the art, picking out favorites, and laughing at things that were a bit outlandish. We utilized my “Artist” name tag to get up to the VIP lounge with a fabulous view of the show from above. We even found some art about sisters that really made us laugh.

Kathleen Pendley, Sisters, Ceramic


Yes, that is a sculpture of two sisters…fighting as one tries to drown the other in a coffee mug full of coffee. There were three other sculptures, each as wonderful as the next. Sadly…they were not for sale. I probably would have bought one if I could have.

We had a blast…thank you to my amazing and gorgeous sister for driving up from Norman to go with me to my first OKC Momentum as a displaying artist.



The next day was filled with one meeting. Yes, it was one meeting. Many of you know that my husband works in politics and loves politics and government. I have started to get involved in and be interested in politics to spend more time with C.J. who is often swamped with work duties. When I thought about it, I had two choices:  sit at home and be upset that his interests are time consuming or I could ask to be included.

So…I have knocked doors, put out yard signs, attended fundraisers and forums, helped create graphics, and recently…attended local meetings, not as “C.J.’s wife” but as a member of the community,  participating in local politics. At the first meeting that I went to I was given the position of precinct treasurer. The next meeting was the meeting that lasted all day. At that meeting we elected county officers…it was a very long day.

C.J. got back into town that evening and although he had spent a ton of time in the car and was exhausted from his trip, he wanted to go to the second opening of Momentum OKC. I am really blessed to have such an awesome and supporting husband.

My first order of business at the show was to show him where my painting was displayed…and to our delight it had sold!



The red dot indicates a sold piece of artwork. I was over the moon with excitement.

Thank you to my super amazing husband for supporting me even when you are completely exhausted!


The next week was filled with little things…

The fireplace was finally cleaned making me have the strongest urge to watch Mary Poppins.

Taxes were filed.

The house was cleaned…and then it rained.

Later in the week I picked up supplies for some of the bigger projects we would be doing that weekend.

The second Saturday of break was special because it was the first Saturday in probably a month that C.J. has not had to go to a meeting. We were thrilled! It was super nice to sleep in and relax together. That afternoon I started patching the portion of the porch that has crumbled after the last ice storm.

C.J. is allergic to Quickcrete, so this job was all mine.



We ran out of Quickcrete, so I repotted my hens and chicks. Hopefully I didn’t kill them. My grandma gave me five pots of hens and chicks when I moved out of the dorms four years ago…only one of them survived my care. The one that survived actually flourished and was really outgrowing its pot…so I had no choice but to repot the plant.


The pot at the very end is the pot that all of these hens and chicks came from. The hens and chicks that would’n’t fit in the pots I had were planted in the garden.

That night we went out. Sleeping in, house productivity, and a date night? Yes…it was a wonderful day.

After trying a new BBQ place that we will not be returning to and picking up more Quickcrete from Lowes, we went bowling. It was a ton of fun…but we definitely paid for it in soreness the next day.


After church on Sunday morning I finished the patching the porch…and decided that I hate concrete projects.


The next morning C.J. and I got up early to go get breakfast together. It had become somewhat of a thing for us to get breakfast at least once when I am out on break. It is a really wonderful way to start out the day.


We went to Classen Grill, which from the outside looks super sketchy…but it is absolutely delicious. Thank you to K & T for recommending this wonderful place to us! It was so fantastic that we took C.J.’s sisters there on Wednesday morning.

The best part? The fresh squeezed orange juice which is made right in the dining room.


That afternoon I took my car to get the oil changed, a slow leak in the tire fixed, and my passenger side back blinker light replaced. When all of that was finished I jotted down to OKC to take C.J. something to drink before heading home. While there he asked me if I wanted to go to Guthrie to look at trucks when he got off work. I said yes and thats what we did.

On the way to Guthrie he told me that we were only looking at trucks, not taking one home. I told him that is exactly what we said when we went to “look” at all three of our dogs.

The salesman was really nice and he showed us a truck that was nice, pretty, and in our price range. It has 90% of everything that C.J. was wanting in a truck…so we said goodbye to my wonderful little car and traded in for C.J.’s new truck.

It was definitely time to trade the car in…I mean, I wish I wouldn’t have had all of the maintenance done to it earlier that day, but that car was not what we needed anymore. I was extremely happy with the direction we were going in, but I was a little sad to leave my car there that night.

We all got upgrades…C.J. got a truck and I will be driving his escape, which is so much nicer than my car was.

Thank you, white car, for providing me with 5 wonderful years of service….for transporting me around during my memorable senior year of high school, for being reliable during my four years of college, for countless road trips, and for putting up with my commute these last few months.

On a side note…I think I might have given my dad a heart attack when I called to tell him that I was the proud new owner of a Ford truck. (He has never been a Ford man.)




I wrapped up the week with some painting and website jobs.

The studio and bathroom floors both got two coats of fresh paint and are waiting for a coat or two of varnish.



It has definitely been a great two weeks away from school. I was not as productive as I had hoped to be, but I am happy that I got to relax a bit. The house received some much overdue TLC, and C.J. and I got to spend some quality time together.

I think the things that I will miss the most next week when I go back to my regular schedule and job will be things like waking up with C.J. instead of kissing him goodbye before his first alarm goes off, being able to enjoy our house during the daytime with the sun streaming through the windows, getting to have lunch with C.J. during his lunch break, and getting to really enjoy the evenings with C.J. instead of stressing about what the next day will bring.

Thank you, spring break, for being a little lazy and a tad bit productive, for being exciting and a little laid back, and for being fun but not too fun.

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